Animated Mandalas Set to Music

Animation / Artwork: Deep in the Heart by Kelly Dietrich.
Music: “Snowfall” by Scott Buckley.

Mandala Meditations are mandala animations set to music that can be used as a means of relaxing your body and your mind. These meditations are created with the belief that it only takes a few moments to consciously quiet your mind, relax your body, and begin reaping the benefits of meditation: being less bothered by stress, having greater mental clarity and focus, living more fully in the present, and more.

These animated, fractal kaleidoscope - like videos are perfect for all ages and levels of practice — from children, to beginners, to more advanced practitioners. For those with little meditation experience, these visual meditations can provide an easier segue into a meditation practice, as they are perhaps not as daunting as sitting in a silent room with your eyes closed wondering if you are "doing it the right way."

Sit down, relax, and allow yourself to fall into the kaleidoscope.


Acceptance: A Mandala Meditation from Kelly Dietrich on Vimeo
Music: "Witnessing Infinity" from the Infinite Octaves album by Andrew Forrest. Used with his kind permission.


Animated Mandalas Without Music

This looping mandala video that does not include music is a wonderful way to get a longer, uninterrupted meditation. Watch for as long as you like in silence or with a music selection of your own choosing.


Mandala Meditations App on the App Store

I've created all new animations set to music, and they’re available as the Mandala Meditations App.This universal app is currently available for the Apple TV 4, the iPhone, iPod, and the iPad. Please visit my Mandala Meditations app page to find out more about it.



I originally began creating these animations in Flash in the early 2000s. Then in 2006 - 2007, I started publishing my Mandala Meditations video podcast on iTunes. There are currently more than 30 one minute meditations in the archive on iTunes, which you may view by visiting and subscribing to my podcast: Mandala Meditations.

*Please note that these original animations were created when iPods first came out - screen size and resolution were both quite low.


Reviews of My iTunes Podcast

"These are delightful watch them at work on break. Gets me far away and back on time." (Five Stars) — Red Elf on iTunes

"This is an awesome podcast. The animation in this is beautiful and incredible." (Five Stars) — Madameclaws on iTunes

"I adore this podcast. It's so captivating. Perfect quick fix for stressful days. It's just such a beautiful time. THANKS FOR DOING THESE!" (Five Stars) — AliGoddess on iTunes

"...They're beautiful and the music is quite relaxing. I usually can't listen to anything while I study, but I can put this on and study well. Thanks!" (Five Stars) — mestudent on iTunes