I create mandalas and mandala - inspired products to help enliven your home, meditation space, or work place. My art prints and products are sold through a variety of retailers.

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About Kelly

In 2001, mandalas came into my life in a magical way, and now, eighteen years later, I'm as captivated by them as I was then.

I believe that mandalas bring a positive energy into any space. The symmetry and the repetition of color and pattern create a feeling of balance, harmony, and peace, thereby transforming the spaces in which they are found and those who interact with them.

So it's with great pleasure and good fortune that I've been able to share my art with family, friends, and collectors across the globe. My artwork hangs in private homes and corporate collections throughout the world while my coloring booksmeditation app, and mandala inspired gifts, home decor, clothing, and other products have enabled me to share my work with an even wider audience.

My art is available from a variety of online retailers. See the retailer list below to visit my shops on their web sites.  Please note, all of my product transactions are handled by these retailers including printing, shipping, and returns.

If you would like to license my images or commission a mandala especially for your home, business, healing space, or yoga studio, I'd love to talk with you. Please use my contact form to share your ideas and information.

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"Kelly's mandalas are gorgeous! I decorated my office with several of her art prints. They've brought such a great feeling into our space that my clients comment about them nearly every day!" — Jessica, New York NY

"Our yoga studio needed some serious love. That's when I found Kelly's big mandala wall tapestries. They are so beautiful and colorful that I hung several in our studio. They've energized the studio, us, and our clients. Amazing!" — Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA

"I have a room in my home where I meditate. It mostly just felt like a spare room, but once I added one of Kelly's wall tapestries and a couple of her mandala floor pillows, it was much easier for me to enjoy the space, settle down, and sit for 30 minutes. Thanks, Kelly!" — Sarah, Austin TX



Thousands of products with my mandala and fractal designs are available from these retailers. Click on the links below to see products and pricing information.


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