Achieve tranquility through creativity! I've spent more than 15 years creating, designing, and coloring mandalas. Now you can too!  My mandala coloring books were created with all skill levels of colorists in mind — each book offers a variety of designs with varying levels of detail. All the mandalas are printed one per page, no printing on the backs of pages. Terrific for colored pencils, gel pens, India ink, or thinner markers.



Contains 50 unique mandala illustrations created just for this book that range from less detailed to more intricately designed. Printed on one side only.


The second volume of my Coloring Mandalas coloring book series. 50 new illustrations with varying degrees of detail. Printed on one side only.


Fifty illustrated patterns that fill up each page. Designs range from simpler patterns to more complicated. Great for gel pens, colored pencils, and markers.

Each Book Features:

  • 50 original, illustrated mandalas

  • Each mandala is a thin black and white line drawing (none of the image filled in)

  • All mandalas are printed one per page (no printing on the backs of pages)

  • Designs ranging from simpler to more intricate

  • Perfect for gel pens, thinner markers, or colored pencils


"Original mandala designs, beautifully rendered! It is relaxing but also engaging as you plan for winning color combinations! And, it does not have the heavy black borders and pre-shaded areas that some books have, so it's more open for artistic interpretation — you can shade, but you don't have to. Either way, the result is very satisfying. I highly recommend it."
— Karen Watson on, Five Stars

"Lovely mandala designs done one per page. I am very happy to have found Ms. Dietrich's beautiful book and look forward to more!!"
— Amy Colors on, Five Stars

"Fab coloring book that doubles as a journal! Love the patterns and the blank opposing page. I'm really trying to be fully present in all that I do. After spending about 30 minutes coloring (and using the blank page to record random thoughts that interrupted my flow) I was centered and relaxed. Great therapy!"
— Susan on, Five Stars

"I am so glad I found this book. The mandalas are so beautiful and intricate. I love the feel of the paper, smooth and light to the touch. A wonderful book for coloring."
— Johnny1000 on, Five Stars

"This book is a wonderful mix of intricate and simpler patterns, so you can choose something you may finish in one sitting or something to come back to and work on for awhile. The opposing blank pages are great. If you choose a medium that show through, no worries...and, as a mom, it let me color my cares away on the right page while my daughter happily colored and created on the blank page. It was fun to do together, and she tried her hand and making her own shapes and patterns. Very fun, exactly what adult coloring books are meant to be!"
— J. Wagner on, Five Stars


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