My mandalas are inspired by nature, infused with color, and joyfully created to promote health, peace, and happiness.

I believe that mandalas bring a positive energy into any space. The symmetry and the repetition of color and pattern found in mandalas create a feeling of balance, harmony, and peace, thereby transforming the spaces in which they are found and those who interact with them.



The following images are a small selection of the mandalas I've created over the years. To see more designs and to purchase prints, framed prints or these designs on a variety of products, please visit my shop page.

Poseidon's Rest MandalaLilac MandalaBe Free Mandala

Intertwining MandalaBeauty 03 MandalaParadox Mandala

Dreaming in ColorPurple Pink MandalaEarth Day Mandala

Allowing What Is MandalaBeauty 01 MandalaEnlighten Mandala

Mosaic MandalaRibbon 04 MandalaBeauty 02 Mandala