I am a mandala and fractal artist living in Richmond, Virginia. My artwork is inspired by nature, infused with color, and joyfully created to promote health, peace, and happiness.

I believe that mandalas and fractal art bring a positive energy into any space. The symmetry and the repetition of color and pattern found in mandalas and fractals create a feeling of balance, harmony, and peace, thereby transforming the spaces in which they are found and those who interact with them.

Growing up, my creative-bent showed itself very early on and in a seemingly endless variety of ways: from borrowing huge font and type books from our local library and tracing the fonts with tracing paper, to rearranging my bedroom furniture every other week, to teaching myself to crochet at age 10. In looking back, it is really quite fascinating to note that all of these things are still of interest to me now many years later.

My path to becoming a digital artist was a somewhat circuitous one. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Towson University in Baltimore, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in modern dance. After spending several years there dancing with a modern dance company, the country girl in me couldn't take the endless noise of the city any more, and I made the decision to leave.

In the following years, I found myself working with Photoshop and was pulled into the great Internet boom creating web sites, new media, and graphic elements for online advertising. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were offered jobs in Connecticut working for one of the well-known Internet startups at the time, Cyberian Outpost. We continued working with the web even after leaving Connecticut, but gradually, I began to wish for more control over my creativity, to make something that was solely my vision as opposed to being directed by someone else's wishes. Shortly thereafter, I discovered mandalas and began creating them in a variety of media. That led to my discovering fractals, and that, to creating even more abstract art in the form of patterns.

Today, I enjoy creating a variety of digital art and seeing it come to life in many forms: art prints, adult coloring books, clothing, home decor items, device cases and much more.

I hope you enjoy seeing my work. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments. I've loved the feedback I've received over the years and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


About Kelly Dietrich